Perspectives is our signature, four-day experience.  And experience is the operative word.  All PERSPECTIVES SEMINARS offerings use an experiential educational model.  Instead of providing material in lecture style, participants actually experience the concept being discussed.  It’s like the difference in being told how to ride a bicycle and actually climbing on to one.  In this manner participants actually internalize rather than simply intellectualize the material and are able to immediately integrate the tools and principles into all aspects of their lives, whether personal or professional.  We guarantee it!


In this context participants interact with the facilitator, group leaders and other attendees, both in large group, small group and individual settings, to uncover a wealth of new ideas, exploring who they are, how they got that way, and why they think, act and feel as they do.  They will also identify ways to change the parts of their lives—both personal and professional—that are not working as well as they would like.


The seminar helps develop strong leadership and collaboration skills and allows individuals to take greater responsibility for their success and productivity, to develop a stronger foundation of trust, to communicate more effectively, and to learn ways to identify and change perceived self-limitations.  The seminar leaves participants revitalized and empowered with practical tools that can be continually reapplied to maintain lasting, breakthrough results.


Seminar Objectives:


·        Develop a strong win-win attitude

·        Communicate more openly, honestly, concisely and clearly

·        Identify perceived self-limitations

·        Find ways to balance professional and personal responsibilities

·        Redirect stress to be more focused, productive and peaceful

·        Improve relationships, both personal and professional

·        Identify how we set ourselves up for the results in our lives

·        Become more accountable and responsible for life results

·        Open up to deeper levels of trust, both in ourselves and others

·        Identify and change old, ineffective habits

·        Let go of resentments

·        Be empowered to take more risks and assume greater leadership roles

·        Find new insights and set goals

·        Identify and employ personal gifts and talents


Seminar schedule:


Thursday:           6:00pm—approximately 11:00pm

Friday:                6:30pm—approximately 11:30pm

Saturday:           10:00am—approximately 11:00pm

Sunday:             9:00am—approximately 6:00pm


Due to the dynamic nature of the seminar, all end times are approximate.  There is a brief Celebration at 5:30pm on Sunday to which you may invite family and friends.  There is a half-day follow-up seminar (called P5) scheduled for Sunday of the next scheduled Perspectives seminar.


Facilitator:        Tom Klein


SCHEDULE       Dates and locations are based on demand and request and are subject to                           change.  Please call or email to discuss or confirm a scheduled date or                               location.


PRICE                $600.  Group and non-profit pricing negotiable.  Full and partial scholarships                           are also negotiable.




If, after completing all four days of the Perspectives seminar you are not completely satisfied, write us a letter within seven days telling us why and we will refund 100% of your tuition, no questions asked.


Please call 502-552-2154 or email to register.