“We are on this planet for, not in spite of, each other.” - Tom Klein

About Tom Klein

Tom Klein is a native and current resident of the Louisville, KY/Southern Indiana area. In 1974, at the age of 15, he broke his neck in a swimming accident which left him a C-6 quadriplegic, paralyzed from the chest down. Tom holds degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science and made his first career at Indiana University Southeast from 1979-2005, most recently serving as Director of Computer Services.  Tom’s open, collaborative leadership style, positive, opportunity-driven focus and dedication to excellence led to the recognition of his organization as a leader in the field and a model for “the way to do IT” within the eight-campus Indiana University system.  Much of Tom’s success lies in his ability to see and capitalize on the natural strengths and talents of individuals, rather than trying to change workers to conform to institutional norms.

 Tom has studied under master facilitator Steve Sherwood (sasherwood.com) and his interest in human potential led in 2001 to the development and facilitation of a seminar called Freedom 101: Dealing with Confinement, a powerful, four-day, intensive, experiential, personal development seminar designed for prisoners. He has also developed and led a course entitled "In Search Of The Elusive Joy Spot: An Introduction to Centering", and frequently facilitates and assists with personal and professional development seminars and centering exercises.  In August, 2003, Tom was recognized by Gary Zukav (www.zukav.com) on his website as Soul Guest.  Tom's dream is to make available heart freeing experiences for the expansion of human potential to all people. Tom believes that these experiences will assist in leading the world to a critical mass eventually resulting in worldwide peace and harmony, and he welcomes others on his quest.  Tom can be contacted at tom@perspectivesseminars.com.