“We’re all filled with naturally recurring patterns that make us unique -  they’re called talents.  And our charge is to bloody well use them.”  - Marcus Buckingham

Professional Development

Would you like to have better relationships, both professional and personal?  Would you like to see better relationships among your employees?


Ask CEO’s, “What is your company’s most precious asset?” and they’ll undoubtedly respond “Our people.”  Yet, of all the resources dedicated to company development, how much goes to people development - not just technical skills, but the individuals themselves?  In most cases the answer is little, or none.


Businesses often draw a line between personal and professional development.  Yet, in all truth, they are the same.  Individuals bring the same dreams, hopes, desires, fears, thoughts, feelings and behaviors to work as they take home.


Current research indicates that success comes from an ability to create a better marriage between the dreams of workers and the drive of companies to win.


So we must stop trying to change people and start helping them become more of who they already are.


There are some 40,000 studies on depression on record with the American Psychological Association, and just 14 on joy.  That bias translates to the workplace as an obsession with correcting perceived weaknesses, filling gaps, and focusing on those seen as laggards.  Yet, when it comes to success, it is much more important to develop strengths than to overcome weaknesses.  The most productive thing we can do in organizations is to help people understand where their dominant talents lie.


Companies that truly value the unique contribution of each employee and actively assist them in developing themselves in a holistic manner are more likely to…


…have lower turnover

...have less absenteeism

...have higher-than-average employee loyalty

…have higher-than-average customer loyalty

…have above-average productivity

…report higher profitability

…experience joy in the workplace!


Perspectives Seminars’ programs focus on the individual’s relationship with self and the world.  Our comprehensive experiential explorations are personal adventures resulting in:


· a positive win-win attitude

· stronger leadership skills

· stronger cooperative and collaborative skills

· healthy and satisfying professional relationships

· an ability to manage conflict effectively and respectfully

· self-accountability

· a desire to develop inherent gifts and talents

· open and honest communication

· acceptance of self and others

· improved self-esteem and increased confidence

· a desire to seek out opportunity and innovation

· an expanded comfort zone

· a desire to take healthy risks

· acceptance and effective management of change


Since the focus is on the individual; front line workers, supervisors, managers and executives all benefit equally from the experience and emerge with a better understanding of, and respect for, colleagues at all levels.


Perhaps best of all, the results are contagious.  Graduates of our programs bring fresh energy to the workplace which inspires coworkers and improves the feel of the work environment making it a more enjoyable place to be.


We are on this earth for, not in spite of, each other.  When we accept, respect and value each person’s unique contribution, we all win.