“You must be the change you want to see in the world.” - Mahatma Gandhi


“I was a bit skeptical before engaging in the Perspectives seminars and teachings.  But I can say, without reservation, that this has been the most valuable tool I ever received for helping me live a full, abundant, and Joyful life!  This seminar holds the keys to loving yourself, accepting others and things as they are, and creating your own happiness and joy from within.  The power we all encompass is greater than any power outside of us.  I am more amazed every day by the way the world acts when I am living in my Joy.”  -David Wetmore, Owner, Almega Environmental




“When I first heard about the Perspectives weekend, I knew immediately that I wanted to attend. I wasn’t having any major problem or struggle in my life. However, I’m always interested in personal growth, and I was feeling a bit dissatisfied without being able to put my finger on why, or where it was coming from. I felt like I wasn’t the best “me” I could be and didn’t know what to do about it. So, I thought any insight I gained in the weekend might be helpful.


To say that I was unprepared for the impact the weekend would have on my life is an understatement!


The centering exercises were awesome. I experienced profound insight to questions I had pondered for much of my life. Every exercise we did revealed important truths that fell together for me in a dominoes effect, sometimes leaving me speechless.


The group interaction was priceless. It was very interesting to listen and learn from one another. There is no pressure to share, the atmosphere created invites it. The strangers on day one were treasures by day four.


On the very first night I attended, without knowing what was to come, I told the group I was there because I wanted to be free. Though I was unable to put into words exactly what that meant to me at the time, by the end of the weekend, I experienced a peace and purpose for my life that was completely liberating!  Perspectives didn’t change my life; it changed ME, and my “perspective” on my life. IT SET ME FREE!!!!”  -Brenda




“The class was enjoyable, challenging and has had long tem benefits. It was the impetus for me to make some changes in a supportive setting with excellent leadership and delightful co-participants.”  -Marti




“I am presently incarcerated at the Harrison County Justice Center, and while I have been here I have met some wonderful people who have helped me realize just how wrong I have been living.

Before I got incarcerated I had cheated on, stole from, took advantage of, and burned up every bridge I had. I didn’t care for people and my life just became unmanageable. When I got locked up this last time, I heard about a class called Freedom 101 (jail version of
Perspectives), which taught you how to deal with confinement. I thought the class might be good for me because I always stayed confined to myself and could not express my feelings, so I signed up and took the class.

While taking the class I met Tom Klein and Debra Bulleit who are the facilitators of the class, and to whom I owe a great deal of thanks because they showed me why I kept getting arrested and how I could change my life and be a part of society again.

Through the class I learned how to open myself up and let a lot of resentment go that I had carried for a long time. (When I kept that resentment inside it caused me to hate myself and others, so I would drink and drug just to get rid of those feelings.)

After forgiving myself and others for the past, I have come to realize that I have a lot of love for myself and others, and I can also live life on life’s terms, which in return has turned my life completely around.

I would like to thank those who have made this class available to me and to others who have taken the class and have made drastic changes in their lives.


I know after taking this class I am going to have a happy, wonderful life now because I am learning how to manage my life and accept things in a more mature way.

I would also like to recommend anyone who is having troubles dealing with life’s terms to take these classes.
I am sorry for taking up so much of your time, but these classes are great and I think a lot more people should know about them so they too can have the chance to live a life of enjoyment. I found a new way of life; so can others.” - Eddie




“I have been in and out of prisons, jails and places like them for the past 17 years.  For the past 13 months I have sat here in jail blaming others for my problems.  I learned about that in Freedom 101 (jail version of Perspectives).  I learned that they are my problems because of my actions.


Freedom 101 has helped me break free of the chains of excuses to open my eyes to a whole new way of life.


I always thought people always gave me hell because they were hateful people, but in truth I was the hateful person.  Freedom 101 has showed me that I’ve possessed many tools to work out changes in my life.


Before I took Freedom101 my only care was to get out of jail and not come back, but I had plans to do what I always did until I realized I’d always get what I always got.  I now know how to center myself and I can deal with my problems in a positive way.


I can now say I won’t come back to jail because I’m a new person.


I owe that and my life to Freedom 101.”  -Jerry